Thailand Talent Agency Manager

Wanted: A very talented Manager for our new Talent Agency.


Thailand Talent Agency is a Bangkok Video Productions Co Ltd company and in the same way BVP have come to dominate the corporate video production and commercial film coordination markets, so we will dominate the Talent market in Thailand.


We are offering a pro-active and very comprehensive service.

Our clients will be both international and local.


The Agency Manager will have a mix of talents. If you don't have them all, but you have the right attitude, we will train you.


  1. You will either be a Thai National or already have your own work permit.

  2. You will be computer literite & online savy

  3. You will be an organised manager & self motivator

  4. You will also be a great sales person & ambassador for our company

  5. You will be very ambitios as we intend to grow this company dramatically.

  6. You can speak/read/write at least two languages fluently (English & Thai)




We will soon be opening a new office at The Thailand Film Center
This is witin the Bangkok CBD area.



Contact Us

Send your CV to our Talent Agency General Manager
Send your CV to: 
Add Subject line: Manager Application.

The Job

  • Managing & updating our website & social media sites including uploading new talent data to our website. & marketng new talent opportunities through social media.

  • Signing-on new talent including Actors, Extras, Models, Bands & Musicians, Performers, DJ's & Event Hostesses & more.

  • This will include visiting pubs & music venues to meet & sign-up musicians, bands, singers & performers.

  • Marketing our Talent business to international clients though our very sucessful internet strategy.

  • Marketing our talent to local businesses including hotels & pubs (Musicians & performers), Event planning companies & to the local film & TV industry.




  • There will be a 3 month trial period with basic wage plus commsions. Basic wage is 15,000 THB.

  • It is expected that within the trial period your remuneration will be between 20,000-35,000 THB month rising each month.

  • After 3 months your salary package will be reviewed.
    In your first year after the trial you whould be earning more than 35,000 THB each month.

  • If your not earning 50,000 THB or more after six months, then perhaps this job is not for you.

  • This is a remarkable opportunity to earn a high salary

  • The right candadate will also be offered a shareholding in the business after a qualifying period.