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Female Adult Cast

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Model, Extra, Live & TV Presenter/MC, Voice Artist - Young Thai freelance model who also works as MC/Presenter/extra


-30 สาวโสด Takeme out Thailand season 14

-Pretty Eng in Bangkok Gems and Jewelry 2017, 2018,2019
-Pretty of  Grand opening  Debit card SCBM
- Pretty Troop @Dtac
- Pretty Troop @Cute press
- Pretty งาน Open hours Amed Clinic @central westgate
-Pretty Swensen’s
-Pretty Leo beer in Songkran festival
-Pretty Double A
-Brand Ambassador KrungThai in Money Expro 2018,2019
-Pretty Troop Airasia Big at Ranong
-Pretty of DGA in Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018
-Pretty and Reception spa n' style in Style Asia's Most Style Fair 2018 ,2019
-Pretty Leo at Gassolin Restaurant on Songkran festival 2018
-Pretty of Double A fast paint
-Reception of BMW @Motor Expro 2018
-Reception of BMW Thailand@ MotorShow2018, 2019
-PC ตรีชวารีสอร์ต. งานไทยเที่ยวไทย
-PC ตรีชวารีสอร์ต งานวันธรรมดาน่าเที่ยวุ
-PC ตรีชวารีสอร์ท งานมหกรรมบันเทิงน่าเที่ยว เมืองทองธานี
-Pretty of Apollo Thai in Thailand Illumination Festival 2017
-Pg Shopee in Kira Kira งาน Baby best buy Thailand 2018
-Pg shopee บูธ Milk plus งาน Baby Best Buy 2018
-Smart girl Money expro 2018-2019 บูธ ธนาคารกรุงไทย
-pretty Meridian at 3Day 2 night Rama3
-นางแบบประกวดแต่งหน้า Amway
-pretty มอบรางวัลงานของ PTT ณ Centara Grand
-pretty เดินรูปซอท todd
-pretty บูท Motul งาน Metarex 2019

-butler vvip in  together festival 2018
-butler vip in anothoer world
-butler vip in 808  2017, 2018
-butler vvip in 808 after party at snail x ONYX 
-butler vvip in S2O Songkran festival 2019

Bilingual Prosition
-take care of royal princess Pattcharakittiyapa in concert Gun n’ Rose
-interpreter in Big-Bih 2017 at Bitec Bangna
-interpreter of Organiz room in Thailand lighting fair 2017 at Bitec Bangna
-Supervisor of interpreters in K-Beauty at Impac /Date 21-23 Sep.2017
-interpreter of DITP in Thaitam 2017 at Kasaetsart university
-Interpreter of Engineer in Philip lighting at Pullman King power
-Supervisor interpreters in Beyond Beauty 2018 at Bitec Bangna
-Interpreter in Shell way to glow
-Interpreter in Grand opening Get application.
-Interpreter in Style Fair 2018 at Bitec
--take care of artists in Ao Nang Music Festival 2018
-Translator of backstage in Walcoal’s fashion show on Saha Group Fair 2018 at Bitec Bangna
-Emcee promote Airasia Big
-Sale assistant for Matro Sky Prachachuen Property perfect
-staff in Grand Opening Show DC
-English staff in Herbalife 2017
-English staff of Even pop in S2O Songkran Festival 2017
-Bilingual Staff Register Ambassadors in Thai-fex 2017
-Leader tame fiction in Big bad wolf 2017
-English Staff in Passion to Profit at Central World Date 27Sep.2017
-Bilingual staff of Beauty you งาน Amway expo
-English Staff in Asia Fitness Conference & Expo 2017
-English Staff of Airasia Big at Airport
-English staff of Nippon Print in 50th Anniversary Nippon Print
-English staff registration of Thailand Board of Invesment
-backstage of DDTank thailand in Gagena world 2018 (31 March -  2April 2018)
-English Staff in Start up Thailand 2018
-English staff of VIP Lounge Asian Paper & Tissue World 2018 at Bitec Bangna
-English staff of conferrance room in Propark asian 2018 at Bitec Bangna
-English staff of DTAC in Techsauce Global Summit 2018
-Co Producer Support in Gala Dinner Gualain Party
-Reception of Thai Massage in ASEAN Summit 2019

Personal Specifications

Nationality: Thai

Formal Training: None

Age: 25

Age Range: 18-30

Role Types: Model, Extra, MC/Presenter, Voice Artist

Languages: Thai ,English

Skill Sets:

Height: 170 cm  Weight : 57 kg

Measurements: 35 - 29 - 37

Code: 539

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