Make your own free COMP CARD & register with us today

ALL Talent requires a Comp Card. This is the first item in our website a client see's about you. A  Comp Card is 5x more likely to get you picked over a single photo or image with no information.




  1. Follow the directions precisely otherwise your application will be rejected.

  2. You need to make two items. A COMP-CARD & TWO WORD Docments.

  3. Do not send additional information in your email. No more photos, no more details.

  4. If you follow these steps precisely we will upload your details to our website & actively promote you to our clients.

  5. If not completed correctly, your application will be rejected.


STEP 1: Make a Comp Card online for free. It takes just 5 minutes.


You cannot use a Comp-Card with another company brand or your contact details on it. These will be rejected. This new comp-card can be used anywhere.


Your Comp-Card must have ALL the information as shown in these images below. This allows clients to quickly "short-list" you before they even contect us. Each bit of information is designed to promote you to our global clients. You might be selected due to looks, age, location, language skills etc.


We have Sales Teams who pro-actively

promote our talent.


But to be promoted you must be on our website.


Follow these steps carefully to get onto our website.

Why should you do all this registration work?


When we advertise new jobs we receive hundreds of applications. Our clients want to make fast-decisions. Sometimes the very same day.


If you follow these steps correctly, we can forward your comp-card directly to the client and also quickly upload your comp-card & CV to our website.


You have a much higher chance of getting the assignment.


If the registration is not correct, we automatically REJECT it. We won't have time for supporting you at this time.

FREE: Make your own COMP CARD ONLINE @:


A Non-branded Comp-Card with no contact information is your best resume' when applying for Acting, Extra's and Modeling jobs.

This combined with Two  separate Word-Documents, one that has all your contact details and the other, your CV (without contact details) will always be accepted.

And its free, easy and quick to make your own comp card. Read these instructions and get accepted and also we will upload you to our website where clients can view your comp-card directly.

Notice to other Talent Agencies: We welcome you presenting your talent, but you must also follow these instructions (no branding).


  1. CLICK THE + ICON: Add 5 Photos: You should be in different poses, close-ups and wide-shots, different outfits with different looks are best.

  2. CLICK THE PENCIL ICON: Add your Data as follows:
    +LINK: (Type in your Age, DoB / Talents as shown in image above)
    +NAME (Type in your first name and your family INITIAL only.)
    +STATUS (Type in where you live and what languages you speak)
    Then add your measurements (All talents, as costumes might be required)

    + Select A5 Page Size
    +Select One Page
    +Enter the code

  4. THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you are using a... 

    GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER Follow these steps. 
    +Your COMP-CARD will open in your web-browser. This is a PDF page.
    +Hover your mouse over the page to find the PDF control panel (This is sometimes top-center & sometimes bottom-right of page.)
    +Click the SAVE Icon
    +When you save this image to your computer, you MUST RENAME IT FIRST. Add your:  name.pdf (YOU MUST ADD .pdf after your name)
    +Your Comp Card is now ready to send to us.

    MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER Follow these steps
    +Your COMP-CARD will open in your web-browser. This is a pdf page.
    +Click the DOWNLOAD ICON which usually appears at the top right of page. (You will see a downwards arrow icon)
    +Click SAVE AS
    +Rename your file with your name.pdf (YOU MUST ADD .pdf after your name)
    +Your Comp Card is now ready to send to us.



Now Make your FIRST WORD DOCUMENT. This document is your "Talent Registration Form".


  • The only identifying information should be your First name and Last Initial.

  • Put any video links in your CV only if they do NOT identify you. (Otherwise put them in the next document.

  • Do not add Facebook or website links that can identify you. (This is to protect both you and us)

  • Add as much information as you feel supports your application in this document.

  • NAME THIS DOCUMENT with your full name & CV (firstname-lastname-CV)


Now make your SECOND WORD DOCUMENT. This document is your "Contact & Banking details form"

  • Put all your contact details here including name, phone, email, messaging ID's, etc.

  • Put here any links that will identify you such as Facebook, Websites (IMDB), Videos.
    (These will be sent to client after they have signed an agreement with us)

  • NAME THIS DOCUMENT with your full name & CV (firstname-lastname-Contact)




Add in subject line: Compcard firstname-lastname

Talent Registration Form
Everyone please complete form and send to us via email.

Talent Banking Information form. You need to send this to us so we can pay you.

Only 5 photos are required & these will be in your CompCard.


Do not send extra photos via email or even text in email format.


These will be ignored. If client wants more photos we will contact you.

Having problems opening the Word Doc files? (Mac Users)
Click here &  here.

"Left click" to open file in new browser window. "Right click, then save link as" to download to your computer

Talent Release Form: You will need to bring this form to every assignment.