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Thai Voice Artist

Eakarin Kruaymongkol (Eak)

Artist Experience with Client

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Television Program Director, Channel 8 - Direction Control Policy and supervision of the program team at the station For the most efficiency. - Control the production of spots and talk shows. Both Life Star products (under the RS network) and external products that are sold in the station.

Production Manager-supervise and control the production of television programs, scoop spots, etc. that the company produces to meet the needs of customers. - Join the briefing meeting. And presenting work to clients - writing scripts Control the set Control editing In some important works, the work produced the Teen Plus Show program Genius family of CastrolMagnatec / Secret Items BY CP / O Zoning / True Music Top 20 / Lactacyd Spot / castrolindex.com / True Spot and Scoop etc.


Code: 704

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