Thailand Talent Agency: Why use our service?

  1. We are Novel: 

  2. We are Responsive:

  3. We are Pro-active: 

  4. We are Logical:

  5. We are Dependable: 

  6. We have Attitude: 

  7. We offer Choice: 


  8. We have Sales


We let you find your talent faster - Like showing you a Comp-card with 7 images right away instead of a single headshot.

Guaranteed same day Email response,

We post on all relevant social media and industry sites that gets more results instantly!

We work with other agencies, as partners, to give you the biggest choice of talents.

On time, within budget with the widest choice.

Our attitude is to provide you with the very best, highest quality, cost effective service. No excuses.

We present more types of talents than any other website in Thailand.


We have dedicated sales & marketing staff to grow our talent and to find our talent work.

We love what we do and we want to provide a win-win solution to both our clients and our talent.